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One of the greatest achievements of comics in the US is the introduction of talking animals, or funny animals, in the 1950s. They’re comics that tell the truth with the help of human mannerisms. The hippo, for example, was a highly popular cartoon in the 1940s. The hippo was the first ‘talking’ animal in the US. Various kinds of talkative creatures were introduced to the market, such as giraffes, monkeys, and pigeons.

In the early 1970s, the funny animal genre made its way into the mainstream. George Herriman’s “Krazy Kat” helped bring this newfound respect for comics. Among the most famous examples of this genre are Maus, a comic starring a mouse reliving his experiences of the Holocaust to his son. In this way, the ‘funny animals’ genre became an important part of the history of the comics industry.

The third volume of the Pogo series introduces an array of funniest animals. Some of these are speech-impaired and some have bipedal legs. Other animals are bipedal, and they are also very complex. Several of them are multi-legged, such as Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. The comics are based on science fiction, with humor and surrealism. These are all classics of funny animals.

Many cartoonists use the term ‘funny animal’ to refer to this genre. The comics have been reprinted and translated in Europe for generations. The era of golden age animation was a great inspiration for the creation of a cartoon-based comic book. A number of anthropomorphic characters were created in this genre, including wolves, dogs, and tigers. A funny animal is usually a serious character.

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