A Step-By-Step Guide To Attracting Love Using Tarot Cards

5. Give yourself permission to love yourself.

We often seek out a romantic relationship because it finally gives us permission to feel like we are worthy of love. However, what if we were to transfer that power from other people and back to ourselves? It was literally the most life-altering moment when I realized that I could give myself all the love I thought I deserved from someone else. When I started to do that (and it took a lot of practice!), I automatically made space in my life for others to love me. Once people can sense that you love yourself, they respond in kind. And when you love yourself, your ability to support and connect with other people massively expands. It’s such a simple thing, but often so difficult to do in a world that is constantly trying to profit from our insecurities and feelings of lack. I would say that learning to love yourself is the single most revolutionary thing you can do, and it will accelerate your journey to finding a soulmate more than anything else. The Tarot is here to help you figure exactly how to do that, and asking questions about self-love and self-care are, in my opinion, among the most worthy questions you can ever ask of the cards.

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