A Step-By-Step Guide To Attracting Love Using Tarot Cards

4. Commit to acknowledging your pain and healing yourself.

A huge part of my journey to finding my soulmate, and that of my clients, is committing to what is called ‘shadow work’. Although it may sound scary, your ‘shadow’ is simply the parts of yourself you feel ashamed of or repressed in order to ‘fit in’ or meet the expectations of others. We all have a shadow self, and much of it formed in childhood. The way we learned how to attach and give and receive love from our parents or caregivers often shapes our relationships in adult life. In a Tarot reading, it can be so healing to explore your insecurities, fears, and experiences of rejection in the past. Simply acknowledging them is often enough to weaken them and make way for more authentic and loving relationships to enter your life. If you do not feel able to speak to a Tarot advisor about this, I’d highly recommend seeking out professional guidance to help clear away some of those limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from finding true love. Personally, I spent many weeks exploring my troubled relationship with my dad using the Tarot cards. I could finally see how I had spent many years of my life trying to seek approval where I would never get it, and this pattern replicated itself across several unhappy relationships. Once I acknowledged this, I could start to imagine what it would feel like to find someone who could accept me and love me for who I am.

Suggested Tarot question: What parts of my shadow do I need to acknowledge and heal in order to find true love?

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