A Step-By-Step Guide To Attracting Love Using Tarot Cards

1. Be open-minded.

There have been occasions when a client asked me about finding love, and the message in the cards focused on something that seemed totally unrelated, like ‘needing to move to Devon’ (true story!). I’ve seen this happen in my own life too. When I asked about how to find love, the answer was to ‘go into retreat’ and focus on my health. It seemed counter-intuitive because being a hermit doesn’t exactly invite love prospects, but I decided to follow along anyway. I volunteered at a meditation center as a form of retreat and started paying more attention to my eating habits. It was only a couple of months down the line that I realized why the cards had guided me as they did. I ended up meeting my soulmate at that center, and we bonded over our shared desire to live more healthy lives. I could never have guessed that taking those initial steps would lead me to true love, but the point is this: Everything in your life is interconnected. If your Tarot reader provides you with insight that seems irrelevant and doesn’t directly touch on your love life, be open-minded. Follow the insight anyway. Life is full of twists and turns. The journey to finding that special someone will be unique to your life and may require some creative maneuvering. Be willing to take the long and winding road. It may just lead you to the love you’ve been seeking, while also teaching you a whole lot more about yourself.

Suggested Tarot question: What area of my life do I most need to bring into alignment in order to support and strengthen my quest for love?

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