The 5 Stealthiest Relationship Threats And How To Defeat Them

3. The roommate syndrome

If you’re in a long-term relationship, ask yourself this question.

Does it feel like you lived the exact same day for 365 consecutive days?

If you answered yes, it’s because you’ve fallen into a routine — one with no excitement to break up the monotony. It’s not the kind of threat you notice day-to-day. It goes undetected until one day you wake up and realize your romantic partner has become your roommate.

Routine, sameness, and predictability lead to boredom. When relationships die because of roommate syndrome, there’s no dramatic ending with slammed doors and luggage on the lawn. Instead, you die slowly until the day comes when you both wonder, What happened? And when’s our lease up?

When you feel the beginnings of roommate syndrome, take it seriously. Don’t swat it away as routine relationship ups and downs. Recognize those feelings as signals alerting you to blow up your routine, inject spontaneity, or find other ways to reignite the passion.

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