The 5 Stealthiest Relationship Threats And How To Defeat Them

I couldn’t believe it. The super-cool, wild and crazy, most wanted by all the guys, Amy. What the hell was she doing with boring old me?

It turned out she liked my dry humor, and I intrigued her with my undeserved bad-boy reputation. I had gotten my job by way of a random personal connection while most coworkers languished on a waitlist before landing a spot. Everyone resented my networking craftiness, except for Amy. She dug my resourcefulness.

We got along well, but I never felt good enough for her, so I compensated. When we were out together, I’d get excessively drunk because I thought it made me more fun. In reality, it made me just another drunken idiot. When sober, I’d dial up my aloofness to enhance my cool-guy factor.

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