16 Night Walkers Talk About The Creepiest Thing They’ve Ever Seen

He realized I wasn’t a woman

“I am male and used to walk home after a night out drinking. I had long hair and was quite skinny when I was in my early 20s and one time at about 2am, in a dark location and I was walking and some guy slows his car right down and drives next to me staring. I told him to fuck off and at that point I think he realized I was a man and drove off. I am pretty sure if I had been a woman things wouldn’t have ended up well.” — Menamanama

Trolling for prey

“One time I was walking around my relatively safe neighborhood with two of my friends after midnight (we were probably 16 at the time). This loud red truck speeds by us, which is normal for the road we were on. Then a few minutes later the same red truck drives by the opposite way going much slower. Again just a couple of minutes later he drives by but this time stops a hundred or so feet away from us and just sits there. Realizing that this is not normal we booked it through the yard to the next street over. For the next 20 or so minutes we see this truck creeping up and down the neighborhood while we hid behind some bushes and when we finally thought he was gone, we booked it to my house. He turned the corner onto my road just as we were about to open my front door.” — mattyb584

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